Calvin Klein Microfibre Push Up Bra


Calvin Klein developed a model they call the Steel Microfibre Push Up Bra. Steel? That doesn't sound very inviting, does it? Here, you should ignore your hearing and go with your touch. Super soft microfibre made from 86% Nylon and 14% Elastane guarantees you get a bra you'll never want to take off. Thanks to a perfectly designed underwire and lightly moulded cups someone special might want to do that for you, though.

If that name bothers you, check out the CK Bed of Roses Push Up Bra. The name is well chosen. You'll feel wonderful in this silky smooth push up bra. Gentle padding provides a contour that is ultra feminine, while lace trim and a lovely print raises the chic quotient to the sky. Its underwire support will make you feel you're lying in on the clouds. Come back to Earth and, thanks to the superb shaping, you'll be the loveliest flower in the garden.

Get a perfectly tailored look with the Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Tailored Push Up Bra. Perfect for those suit and blouse combos that are a little low cut, that is. This push up gives cleavage enhancement that you can still wear in the office. Graduated foam gives natural shaping that combines with elasticated joins at the bust for a smooth, sexy look. After hours you can show off the subtle logo detailing on the straps... but only if your co-worker has been very, very good.

Ah, the mighty push up bra. What would a woman do without one, or two or ten? There are those days when you want cleavage enhancement, and those nights when you want to show it off. For those times, there's just no substitute. Calvin Klein understands that and so they created a drawer full of Calvin Klein push up bra choices.

The CK Sheer Signature Push Up Bra is one among many outstanding examples. Smooth as a t shirt bra, you might wear this one under a thin-fabric dress and get that great unbroken line. With seamless, comfortable nylon you can be sure your gown will look its best so you look your best. Even better, generous graduated foam padding makes that best the absolute best. The super-comfortable underwire gives you all the support you need to complete the package. Silky smooth, natural-looking enhancement, and perfect fit. What's not to love?
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When it's time to be very, very bad, the Calvin Klein Lace Mystique Push Up Bra is an ideal choice. Graduated padding creates ideal contouring while silky soft, fine lace trim adds an unbeatable feminine look. The great underwire design ensures you never feel the superb support. Wear this model to work and work will to come to a screeching halt. Slip it on for a special night out and the party will get out of control right away.