Lingerie Shopping Trip : Gisele Bundchen

giselle_bundchen_Lingerie Shopping.jpg

Covering the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show means spending the week with Gisele Bundchen — hanging out at her fittings, flying with her on private planes, and lingerie shopping at — where else? — Victoria’s Secret. Suddenly, the Brazilian supermodel decides to pick out a little something for me, and it turns out that Gisele is a lingerie genius. “What size are you, a ___?” she asks me, getting it exactly right. “I’m an expert, you know what I mean?” I ask her which one she’s wearing. “This one,” she says, ripping open her blouse (no, seriously) to reveal the Very Sexy “push-up without padding demi bra” in Holiday Red. (She gets me one in white lace.) “Now let me get you a babydoll,” she says, “I like black myself. Black is always the sexiest lingerie.” Apparently I must also have the sexiest option, so Gisele hands me a black beaded number — with a totally see through back, no less. “You could wear this out as a dress!” says Gisele. Well, it is hot, but I think I’ll save this one for home.

gisele-bundchen-picture.jpg gisele_bundchen_naked.jpg Gisele_Bundchen_underwear+expose.jpg